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Game Origins

Versailles Heroes
Planet Origins - Earth Torn - Tens of Thousands of Years Ago!
In the vast universe, the planets, Cybora and Solaris, are twin planets that attract each other and orbit at high speed, while Solaris is much larger than Cybora and appears abandoned from afar. Over time, it has been known as Solaris, but ten thousand years ago, the continent changed, life flourished and civilisations emerged on both planets’continents. However, Solaris seemed to be a bit harsher than Cybora, where monsters and raptors occupied almost 98% of the continent and gradually, they developed intelligence. As interstellar explorers crashed here, these explorers became known as the Men of Ancestral Stars. With their advanced intelligence and technology, they soon began to rule the continent and then started spying on Cybora.
So, the enslaved beasts were turned into war machines in preparation for the annexation of Cybora. But while some of the Men of Ancestral Stars wanted peace and prosperity on the continent, the ambitious Chiefs of Ancestral Stars wanted to rule more planets. Those who wanted lasting peace had no choice, but to break away from the Chiefs, and they established the City of Luminas far from the battlefield, creating a new order and opening the way for an alliance against Solaris.
The surviving humans on Cybora, which was ravaged by earthquakes and tsunamis, began to migrate to various parts of the continent, slowly forming the initial land of Versailles.
The birth of Versailles - 10,000 years ago!
Around 10,000 years ago, the humans known as the Prophets found peculiar and rare magic stones known as MOHs that could generate a variety of peculiar energies. Ancient magic began to take shape on this continent, and the magical boxes created with MOH produced strange effects which could give humans special abilities. Depending on the potential of the individual, the box would reveal different abilities; the better the qualifications and the greater the potential, the more powerful the abilities enabled by the box. These new human beings had extraordinary qualities and were born with strength, speed and the ability to use spells that no ordinary human being can possess. However, each person had different qualifications and therefore produces different results. MOH had gradually become the common currency of the continent.
The people in Versailles created many great heroic figures with the box. Led by these heroes, they built civilizations, created tribes, formed great alliances and soon a prosperous ancient civilization was established. They used ancient magic to develop technology and it developed rapidly and swiftly. However, with their increasing obsession with ancient magic, they wanted to acquire more MOH, and after a thousand years of excavation, the Cybora's resources of MOH were finally running out.
So began a century-long battle of Versailles, known as the Battle of Destiny, which left the whole continent in a state of desolation. Some of the humans fleeing the war scattered on the continent, and the few families that possess abundant resources of MOH began to build new empires on this continent. In the north, the Missihill Empire was established under the Missihill Family, which was renamed the Missihill Royal Family. The continent of Krus, which was adjacent to it, also gave birth to the Dresk Empire, and the two empires began to dominate the continent and attack each other, although they were equal in power in a perennial stalemate. Some of the other islands of the continent, however, slowly formed their kingdoms with the arrival of refugees.
The First Crisis - The Solaris Wormhole - 8,000 years ago!
The people who came to Rothstein, an ancient island with a beautiful climate and scenery, founded the kingdom of Rothstein under the leadership of the hero Oz. A few years later, the wise Sheila arrived, bringing prophecies of prosperity and disaster, calling on Oz to create an arena to discover heroes with superior fighting skills to guard Rothstein. At first, Oz was uninterested until a disaster struck. The prosperous city of Rothstein was invaded overnight by countless monsters with a bloodlust that turned it into an inferno. Oz rose to the occasion and led myriad warriors to kill them, and after months of bloody battles, the beasts were finally defeated. But they found a strange corpse among the dead bodies of the beasts, with a huge head, dressed magnificently and accessorised with ancient runes. Sheila, who knew the ancient language, read from the runes on the accessories that this body had come from the planet Solaris. These magnificently dressed chiefs were called Skywalkers, or Men of Ancestral Stars. They also noticed that when these monsters were killed, they would explode and release some MOHs. It was speculated why there were MOHs buried under Cybora. Could these so-called mines be battlefields where ancient ancestors fought and killed otherworldly monsters? And because the early people did not know how to use the MOHs, were they deposited over time, so the corpses went underground along with the MOHs?
To verify this discovery, the heroic Hymn found the crater in a ruin which, according to the Prophet's explanation of ancient magic, was a wormhole passage to the planet Solaris. This passage would allow the monsters of the Solaris to travel through, although the opening of this passage would be subject to a rare celestial phenomenon. It would only open when both planets move to the closest position to each other in their orbits. It would be kept open for one year, and this strange phenomenon, which only happens once in a thousand years, is known as the Spear of Peeking. Since then, the people of Cybora finally knew the source of the MOH, the resource they had been fighting over, was left behind after these monsters were killed when they invaded Cybora long ago. The wise men of various powers also realized a greater crisis facing Cybora.
They were aware that the Skywalkers of Solaris already knew of the existence of Cybora, so they were planning to invade Rothstein, use it as a springboard to take over the entire continent of Versailles, and even Cybora.
For this reason, the different powers were planning to establish the Versailles Arena on Cybora to sharpen their heroes to defend themselves against foreign enemies. This was a way of distributing MOHs to the various powers fairly.
The Light of Justice - The Awakening of Heroes - 5000 years ago!
The era of fostering heroes awakened under Oz and Sheila, and the various powers planned and established the Versailles Arena in Rothstein, forming the earliest system of competition, the Deathmatch, the Battle Royale on the deserted island. Thousands of years had passed, and although the wormholes had opened several times, the monsters of Solaris had not appeared. Just when people thought that everything would be peaceful and that the monsters would never come again, the prophet Sheila prophesied that Solaris monster would re-emerge and that the heroes would be awakened. But the people had been living in peace for a thousand years and were too ignorant of her prophecy and were left unaware of the danger they were about to face. Oz left Rothstein in anger due to his brother, Jax's usurping of his throne. And competitions such as the Deathmatch and the Battle Royale of the deserted island have been transformed from their original purpose of training heroes and finding warriors to defend their homes into entertainment for the nobility. The new king, Jax, was addicted to drinking and thought that Sheila was too old and that her several prophecies were never realized, still every one thousand years she issued a warning, but thousands of years passed and all was peaceful.
The helpless Sheila could only come to find the hero Hymn and together formed the original League of Heroes of Versailles and acquired some magic boxes from some righteous warriors. The Boxes triggered their special powers and attracted many of them to join the League, which grew in strength.
At that time Kylo, the great forging master, and Helmer, the great scientist, restructured the magic box to create weapons, so the magic box was called the Breath of the Artefacts, later known as the Cube of the Artefacts. The first weapon created with the Artefact Cube was the Sword of Hymn, also known as the Sword of Glory. Later in their lifetimes, Kylo and Helmer created a number of weapons, but some of them were lost, and the others were sealed inside the Artefact Cube. It would have been a great honor to have one of their weapons. But Kylo and Helmer believed that the weapons would bless the lucky ones, and those who obtained them would become the guardians of the continent.
This time, Sheila's latest prophecy fell short again and many people stopped believing her and joined the competition system. Hymn, however, was convinced by Sheila's prophecy and decided to become a swordsman and defend the land with his strength. It was then that Parker and Pardo came to find Hymn. Both children seemed to have exceptional talents to Hymn, with Parker's unnatural strength and Pardo's keen powers of observation and courageous spirit of adventure. So, Hymn decided to take them on as apprentices and teach them new skills.
Sheila was hurt by the mistrusted lies and slander, feeling sad and helpless for those who choose to live in comfort without any concerns of the future. So disappointed that she left the kingdom of Rothstein on a quiet night.
The battle of destiny - life and death - 3000 years ago!
With the depletion of MOH resources, Cybora, the continent of Versailles, erupted into a war for the ages. The Imperial Alliance, led by the Missihill Empire, fought to the death against the Covenant Alliance, led by the Dresk Empire. Countless small nations were destroyed, and some heroes fell in the war. Some of those who survived the battlefield fled to the harsh land of the Northern Thousand Islands to escape the war. Others fled to Azbanca, where they set up pirate bases. However, the Great War in Versailles kept going on.
Rothstein was also threatened as never before, with both the Missihill and Dresk Empires wanting Rothstein to join their alliance. But the incompetent Jax swayed from side to side and ended up offending both empires, and thus both besieged the city of Rothstein. The battle for Rothstein brought forth many warriors, giving the people of the kingdom a glimpse of heroic light that had long been missing. Toby, the Chief of Staff, was brave and resourceful, he led the guards to repel several attacks by the allied forces and brought in Hymn to help turn the tide. Roots, the Defender of Rothstein, held the city gates with his unmatched ammunition and superbly passionate bomb-throwing.
The allied forces were repulsed, and just as all of Rothstein rejoiced, a pillar of light plunged into the sky, leading to the Star of Solaris, followed by a booming thunderclap.
Countless legions of beasts and monsters were teleported over, a shock to all, as the cataclysm of life and death on Versailles finally arrived after thousands of years of silence.
Hymn raised his long sword and charged at the enemy with a roar of rage.
And in front of him, a fluttering maiden, Braveheart Tiki holding up the divine weapon left behind by her father, the bow of the Moon God, cast a rain of frosty arrows, five of which sizzled with blue streams of light piercing the heart of her enemy. Her story of heroism had been remembered ever since.
Parker and Pardo, now all grown up, followed Hymn and went into battle.
Amid the chaos, several Skywalkers dressed in finery, rampaging with their long swords and golden shields, had already seen countless people die by their swords. Hymn roared again as he rushed towards the Skywalkers, tangling with them and killing several of them by himself. But one of the Skywalker Chieftains was exceptionally fierce, and they continued to fight each other for seven days and nights.
Seeing the countless monsters roaring and hissing as they went on a killing spree in Rothstein, General Roth of the Missihill Empire decided to help Rothstein to defend their continent from the monsters’ invasion. Roth gave the order: "Warriors of the Missihill Empire, fight with me! Destroy these foul monsters!"
At this sight, King Titan of Dresk was touched, and he seemed to understand that their real enemy was these invaders from the sky, not the people of Versailles, who were fighting to defend their homeland. So he ordered warships to turn around and led the warriors of the Dresk Empire into the battle. With the unity of the Versailles people, the four-year battle ended when the last of the monsters that had taken hold of Rothstein was slain.
But the battle was hard-fought on both sides, with Hymn and the leader of the Skywalkers falling from grace.
And so, for sake of Hymn and Versailles, the two most powerful empires of the continent decided to form a Grand Alliance to defend the land and civilization of Versailles, and Rothstein would become a permanently neutral power, carrying on and celebrating the spirit of Versailles.
The Realm Alliance Treaty - The Pact of the League - 2000 years ago!
The Alliance was first formed in a hurry. The rules and regulations were not perfect. The team was disorganized until two thousand years ago when the Skywalkers invaded again and started another Great War. The battle was even more violent than the last, with countless heroes dying in the battle, and it was only then that the importance of the Alliance and the athleticism spirit became clear. The mysterious prophet Sheila reappeared in Rothstein, inspired by an ancient prophecy, and wrote the Realm Alliance Treaty: The Realm Alliance Guild of Versailles would be responsible for the management of MOH, which would be distributed fairly in the Arena. The Arena will serve to pit the best heroes against monsters of the other world, distribute MOH, and inspire the great powers to train new heroes. The treaty was published to the public, the heroes were expected to follow the rules of the treaty and hold up the spirits on their own. All heroes promised to fulfill their duties to protect the continent, and always maintain the spirits of loyalty, justice, fearlessness, generosity, humility, and always fight for the peace of the continent.
For the long-term development of science and technology and for the stability and prosperity of Versailles, the Empires, led by the Missihill, Dresk and Rothstein formed the Guild of the Guardians of the realm with its own law and order. The guild members are all top talented people from the continent, the heroes of the guild are not controlled by any organization, their duty is to guard the continent of Versailles and they only abide by the treaty. Heroes who join the League will receive the VRH, the one and only symbol of the guild. It is a special medal crafted through blue gems and infused with magic by advanced magicians of Rothstein City, it is the hardest item on the continent of Versailles and symbolizes that the peace of the continent is forever strong and long-lasting.
With the emergence of the Versailles VRH guild, the "Versailles Arena" has been given renewed importance. The heroes had to compete in order to obtain MOH distributed by the guild. The Versailles Arena, as the citizens call it, is a fair order which also acts as a means of settling disputes between powers. The Realm Alliance Treaty stipulates that all conflicts on the continent must be resolved in the arena, and the MOH is considered an honor awarded to those who participate in the arena and can be earned by citizens of all nations for outstanding performance or great service in battles against monsters. It is a common currency recognized throughout the continent.
The MOH is the only token on the Versailles Continent. Citizens could exchange any item they wanted in the Versailles Continent with the Medal of Honour.
In this way, the guild pacts had guarded the peace and prosperity of the heroes of the continent internally, while externally they had taken on the responsibility of training heroes to fight bravely and defend the continent from invasion.
Over time, the competitive spirit of the continent became prevalent and it became the duty and honor of the people of Versailles to fight for glory, for competition and to defend their homeland.
Additionally, the Versailles were silently studying the other beings from Solaris and planned to build the Versailles arena on Solaris as well. They were sending their best and bravest heroes there, whose mission was no longer merely to defend their homeland but to put an end to this endless war for good. There they would face the treacherous men of the Ancestral Stars, the brutal monsters, and face greater challenges and endure more pressure. Still, they would enjoy the benefits of the strength that came from the trials and tribulations, and the extra resources on planet Solaris.
New Heroes - Battle for Glory - 1000 years ago!
The Millennium had seen the development of some high-ranking heroes under the auspices of the Realm Alliance Treaty, with a mission in mind, all for the War of the Millennium.
The trumpets of the approaching millennium were about to blow...
As both planets drew nearer, a wave of pale blue light was instantly thrust into the clouds.
The whole army was on standby, the air was tense and dull, and the battle was about to begin.
The wave of light dissipated, revealing the blurred figures of the enemy, and suddenly there was a shout!
"Charge, kill them ---"
"Charge! Heroes of Versailles, fight for glory!" Shouted the Titan, King of Dresk.
Rune Mage Kemi instantly leaped out of the trenches and swung his mechanical fist, sending a shock wave of runic light and firing it towards a vast swath of the enemy.
The guardian angel Cecilia, waving her white angel wings, descended from the sky, floating in the air and flicking her wings shooting white feathers towards the enemy, the feathers stained with blood emitting a demonic, ethereal light.
Morgan, the western cowboy, let out a contemptuous laugh, and as he moved, he pulled out his twin guns. They were his father's prized possessions, said to be the work of the great forging master Kylo, and were called the Flaming Judgement.
Like a lion, Seix, the sea hunter, stood on top of a boulder and performed his unique missile chase, a series of seven missiles that left no enemy unscathed by such a powerful pursuit.
It was the battle of the century, also known as the battle of glory, a battle in which countless heroes emerged.
A young man called Cyre, became the best of many heroes by slaying twelve Skywalkers by himself. Before he became famous, he had already made a name for himself in the Arena of Versailles, as he was the winner of every Versailles Cup of Glory, a man of honor and mission, a model of Versailles athletics and a role model for heroes to admire, and since then Cyre, the Hero of the Century, had become a sought-after iconic star.
The battle of the century finally came to an end, and the spirit and mission of Versailles had taken hold. It was a spirit and will that mankind will carry forward for the sake of glory and the land of Versailles.
Be the king of Versailles, and the hero of the century.
Never end - the competitive spirit - now...!
After thousands of years of development, Rothstein City had grown into an extremely prosperous city, glowing with the light of technology and magic. The most famous part of the city is the Deathmatch Arena, where countless heroes charge against their rivals at midnight, with the winner receiving a large amount of MOHs. In order to advance to the Challenger of the Cup of Glory and become a hero like Cyre, they need MOHs.
There is a deserted island in the north of Rothstein called Ice Cap Island, which was where the Battle Royale originated and was one of the original heroic competitions that Prophet Sheila suggested Rothstein establish. Later, with the development of the Versailles Competitions, it gradually became prevalent and became one of the most intensely competitive modes in the Versailles Arena. Many heroes participated in it, as the world believed that those who could be the best in the Games were inevitably the strongest of the elite and that challenging the Battle Royale would also reward MOHs.
The King's Keeper - Cyre initiated the Trophy Tournament, using trophies as rewards to encourage heroes that they can go forward and fight like himself, and started a tournament, which the world called the Hercules Cup. The team with the most trophies wins the Battle for the Cup and will be awarded the ultimate victory and many MOHs.
The Inhibitor Rush was a tournament developed by the Versailles Guild to develop and improve the synergy of heroic teams in intense confrontation. As soon as the tournament was launched, it was well-received by the heroes.
The competitive spirit of Versailles had taken hold, bringing a new glory and introducing new heroes in grand style.
Over time, the people of the continent began to refer to the planet of Cybora as part of the continent of Versailles.
The world is convinced that Skywalkers will return, the millennium is coming, and Darkness is on the way...
The battle never ends, it has only just begun.
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