Characters (NFTs)

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, is also a digital currency, as each NFT is unique and the NFT contract provides ownership of the tokenized digital asset. This ownership can be transferred but can't be split, which makes it an ideal choice for collecting and trading. In Versailles Heroes, NFTs empower heroes and weapons as they are virtual items in the game. This NFT project is built on ecology and community governance, and the platform provides a base for its applications. So investing in NFTs is not only for its value, but also the NFT-enabled creativity allows players to assess its value, scarcity, returns, etc. Versailles Heroes has launched NFTs with these needs engaging with gamers and investors. NFT protocol contracts:0x3aDBDfa13c0b6931257833F4a04e653279E2f4aa Scalable NFTs
NFTs are popular in the gaming sector with the key feature to tokenize virtual items, which gives players ownership in the form of NFTs. The value of NFTs is supported mostly in an underlying economic structure. So investors see NFTs as a crypto asset with investment potential. The value from a platform or investors is particularly important, however, previous NFT applications were insufficient to enable NFT value, meaning that the NFTs could not generate additional revenue during growth or upgrades.
The Versailles Heroes team believes that this is undoubtedly a failure in NFT-enabled games. Surely, the appeal of many games comes from nurturing characters and sets, where valuable NFTs come from. The design team at Versailles Heroes therefore made the NFT scalable to keep increasing the value of the NFT itself, and the Versailles Heroes team believes that it is necessary to record the changes in upgrades to the blockchain, which is of course important as the upgrades not only increase the NFT in value, but also protect the NFT holder's rights on the chain profoundly.