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Cold Killer - Gal
Gal is a renowned assassin with unparalleled marksmanship and superb intellect. He is the current senior commander of the Missihill Army and was sent by the Empire to infiltrate the Northern Thousand Isles at the age of seven. As a daredevil who loves to take on seemingly impossible tasks, Gal has been ranked among the top assassins in the Northern Thousand Isles many times.
Pet phrase:
"This cold-blooded machine has killed people like flies!"
"Want to challenge my marksmanship? You shall regret it for the rest of your life."
"Only humans who dare to defy the heavens will survive on this continent."
“Come on! Come together, only cowards retreat!"
"I am laughing at death, for I have no fear of it."
"Taste my bullets!"
"Huh, my apologies, my gun just went off."
"No one experienced my loneliness."
"You think you are a worthy opponent?"
"Interesting, I'll take it from here!"
Weapon: Phil's gun (rumored to be the legacy of Phil, the old hero of Glacial Valley)
Ultimate skill: Death barrage
Gal's muzzle can spit out a stream of bullets and the Death Barrage skill lasts 1.5 seconds, with 6 fires of the barrage. Each hit inflicts massive damage to the target.
Berserker - Dak
No one represents the strength and power of Dresk better than Dak. He is the most feared and powerful warrior in the entire empire. With his battle axes in his hands, he is invincible, and no one can stop his incredible destructive power. Rumour has it that Dak's twin axes are derived from ancient times and have divine powers.
Pet phrase:
"Crazy Dak will send you to hell!"
"Do not make me angry, my thunderous fury could bring the world to an end."
“Come on! Death, I will fight you to the end."
"A raging world needs a raging Dak!"
"Destroy! See the power of my swinging axe!"
"Come on old pal, show them what you got."
"Well done, old pal."
Weapon: Great Battle Axe (rumoured to be a weapon derived from a magic box forged by the great forging master Kylo, a weapon of great power)
Ultimate skill: Buster Mode
Dak throws his twin axes at the enemy, inflicting damage to them. The thrown axes automatically fly back, pulling the enemy close and stunning them.
Master Assassin - Galina
Galina is the most feared assassin on the North Thousand Islands, known for her speedy and unpredictable assassinations. No one can escape death if they become her target. Her apprentices are spread throughout the continent of Versailles, carrying out missions from all over the world. There is no doubt that the name of master assassin belongs to Galina.
Pet phrase:
"The spirit of the night is elusive, and there is no escape!"
"The dagger that has tasted blood will make you pay with blood."
"Don't be afraid, death will be swift."
"The breath of death lies deep in the tenderness of love, Galina the Phantom of the Dead!"
"The song of justice is for me to sing; the breath of death is for me to wield!"
"You know nothing of my beauty."
"There is a price to pay for my dance."
"Hideous, hideous."
"Hand me your life."
Weapon: Cold Frost
Ultimate skill: Dance of Shadows
Galina leaves a line of daggers inflicting area damage. She ignores all attacks and damage and moves quickly to a designated area, wielding her daggers to inflict area damage.
Sword Saint: Solon
A close friend of Roots, the ammunition expert, and a renowned local sword master, Solon is the ultimate in swordplay, willpower and thoughtfulness, and can handle any problem easily. He was Toby's right-hand man and trained countless sword fighters for the city of Rothstein. The peace here could not have been achieved without Solon's dedication.
Pet phrase:
"Ambitious heroes, be judged by the great sword!"
"Yo ho ho! With justice in the heart, there’s no fear of death."
“Come! Vicious clowns, I'll send you to hell."
"Monsters, I'll show you the sizzling kendo of a true man!"
"Death, to face death is what heroes are made of!"
"Known it’s an honour to die by my sword."
"Forge me a sword, forge me as the sword."
"Be the sword, I am the sword."
Weapon: Sword of the great god
Ultimate skill: Sizzling Kendo
In his killing intent, Solon is enraged for the duration of the skill and is immune to any controls, massively boosting his armor, movement speed and attack speed.
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