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Explore It is said that long ago, humans appeared on the ancient continent of Versailles, and that the ancestors of the Versailles people were not originally from this world but were rumored to have come to this world through a teleportation device. The arrival of ancient humans has turned this world upside down, so why are these humans here? Was it to run away? Was it redemption? All these rumors are buried in history. Only the first group of people that arrived in the world can tell the secret! As people keep developing and exploring the continent, it has become prosperous with hundreds of tribes emerging. The change of times among generations has made these things a permanent secret. Records
The emergence of heroes has triggered the ambitions of Dresk. In the midst of the world’s turmoil,facing the shattered continent of Versailles, the heroes had preserved the order of the Realm Alliance Treaty and established the Versailles Arena. Was it an illusion of goodwill? The prophesied heroes will finally unite to face the greater crises and turmoil of the world to come! The heroes were facing great challenges because an old prophet predicted the eventual resurgence of the otherworldly being and they will lead their armies to invade the continent. But, where there was darkness, there was dawn, and the heroes came to guard the world’s peace and defend it from the enemy invasion!
For the sake of Versailles, we must win! This is the heroes' mission... Hero Introduction
Each hero comes with a special skill (ultimate skill), so each type of hero has their own playstyle. For example, mages are capable of dealing with high burst damage, supporters can provide powerful crowd control; tanks are good at keeping defense; marksmen can deal with sustained damages, and assassins have a unique advantage in deleting the enemies. Players can take advantage of their unique playstyle to rule the battlefield.
Versailles Heroes will keep introducing new heroes, enabling more charming and colourful characters to join the fray. The fun in the game comes from never-ending innovation and engagement when more gameplay and heroes are unlocked.