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The Rune Mage - Kemi
At the age of 8, he had joined the Mage Academy, Kemi often did bizarre acts. He possessed magical qualifications far beyond the norm, rumour had it that Kemi often liked to carve some strange runes which also caused huge explosions. The Academy council decided to analyze Kyle's mysterious runes and studied them for two years. When the higher-level mages discovered some arcane power from them, the Academy laboratory suddenly exploded and Kemi disappeared from the Versailles continent. Recently, cosmic energies have emerged and he seems to have reappeared in a small town on the border between the Missihill and Dresk, supposedly searching for something.
At the age of 16, Kemi met the prophet Sheila, who guided him to seek out the great forging master Kylo to obtain the magic gloves known as Breath of Judgement, with which Kemi could better control the runic magic, thus giving him a greater ability.
Pet phrase:
"Trying to escape my grasp is a joke."
"The runes have long been in my blood, it is the power."
“Darkness! Uh-huh! The brave has no fear of darkness."
"The highest forms of arcane, are as dangerous as lightning, better be careful."
"Things seem to become more interesting."
"Being in the dark doesn't necessarily mean being the darkness."
Weapon: Breath of Judgment
Ultimate skill: Rune Arcanery
A large number of runes instantly appeared on Kemi's arms, casting the ultimate arcane rune that can imprison a foe and instantly cast three magic lightning strikes inflicting massively magical damage to the enemy!
Guardian Angel - Cecilia
Cecilia is a great heroine who does not belong to the land of Versailles, and no one knows how long she has existed there. For thousands of years, she has kept her face covered and clothed in battle armor. Cecilia is said to be the embodiment of justice, born to fight evil and often using powerful magic to help those who suffer. Many have bowed to Cecilia, but history tells us little about her, except that she uses feathers as weapons and has great magical powers!
Pet phrase:
"Guard thy world with my heart, huh! What doth thou regard?"
"I shall watch over thou, mine hero."
"The goddess of love deluge her love, but mine is one of a kind."
"To guard the world against darkness, that is my duty!"
"You, you have stained my dress."
"Fighting is not for me, how can you be so mean to a lady?"
"Anger is just an interlude against the devil."
"My wings are full of warmth and love, but why are others always hostile?"
Weapon: Angel's Wings, also known as Silver Spirit
Ultimate skill: Heart of the Guardian
Cecilia swings her wings to make herself invulnerable, immune to all damage, and at the end, she releases a large number of feathers to attack the enemy. she heals herself and her teammates after the attack.
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