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Ryder used to be a great warrior representing Missihill against Dresk. After the defeat of Roth, Ryder fled to Azbanca with his men. They soon became the most feared bandits in the region. They were in league with the pirates and committed many crimes. Everywhere they go, not an inch of grass grows.
Pet phrase:
“Haha! This carnival night needs a bit of decoration by the destroyer, now destroy! World."
"Duh duh duh duh - the barrel is still burning, let hell be your prison!"
"What? The clown’s death carnival has just begun."
"The never-ending killing brings me joy. Duh duh duh! To hell with the monsters!"
“Come on! Become my followers and let this night become the stage of my carnival."
"Scream and wail, ha-ha."
"Duh duh duh... what? Scared?"
"It's nice to be a pirate... relaxed and free (whistle)."
"Surrender? Did I tell you to surrender? (Duh duh duh)"
Weapon: Invincible Gatling
Ultimate skill: Frantic Firing
Frantic Firing: Ryder fires wildly around for five seconds, inflicting massive damage. In the duration of the skill, Ryder moves slower.
Western Cowboy - Morgan
Morgan, from Azbanca, is a notorious gambler and pirate, wanted by every city and empire he visited. He likes drinking and has a very eccentric personality. Whenever he gets drunk, he would start wreaking havoc, even his fellow pirates can't bear that. His only dream is to become a western cowboy.
Pet phrase:
"Oh ho ho, the cowboy's bullet is thirsty, gotta drink some blood."
"Bang - the bullet needs a little flight, and a head will be in the bag."
"Watch out for your head, bang bang bang, ha ha."
"Don't worry, I never go off accidentally."
"My guns don't have eyes, want to give it a try?"
"Eventually the devil will be punished, and I'm their demise."
"Have a drink after work, pretty girl, hey."
"Meet Morgan, the cowboy of the West."
"Only evil triumphs over evil."
Weapon: Flaming Judgement, aka Eye of the gulls
Ultimate skill: Flying bullet
Morgan dives forward some distance, creating a circular ballistic field. He quickly pulls out his twin rifles and fires 10 rounds, inflicting sustained damage on his enemies.
Sea Hunter - Seix
Among the numerous outlaws in Azbanca, Seix is naturally very capable and he is very warlike. He sank many naval ships attacking Azbanca, including some famous admirals, which made him the pirate with the highest bounty. Many people came to capture him for the bounty, but he defeated them all.
Pet phrase:
"Don't mess with me, I'm the man who dances with death!"
"Ho-ho! Want to have a taste of explosives?"
"I'm the great hunter of the sea, the invincible hero Seix."
"My missiles will send you to Solaris."
"The sea, it's my home court."
"Don't look at me, I'll blow your ass up."
"I hear that my bounty has gone up again! Haha."
"How can a man leave the sea, this is my home."
"Yo, I'm worth a lot of money."
Weapon: Berserker barrel, aka Kiss of Death
Ultimate skill: Missile chase
Seix fires seven missiles at the target location, inflicting explosive damage in range and creating a shrapnel splash. This causes splash damage to nearby enemy heroes.
Ammunition Specialist - Roots
Roots is a guard of the city of Rothstein and a well-known local marksman. He was skilled in the use of all types of firearms and ammunition. He adapts easily and is able to ensure that he can fight in any environment and remain untouchable and precise. Any miscreant intent on disrupting the security of Rothstein cannot escape from him.
Pet phrase:
"Guarding the homes is where the real duty lies."
"I have the eyes of a hawk and the nose of a wolf, and my enemies will not escape me."
"Blow it up! Blow it up! Either you die in destruction or you live forever in destruction."
"Behold! The earth torn by this bomb will spark beautifully."
"I'll send my enemies to hell. Have fun dumping bombs!"
"Try my new baby (toy)!"
"Well done, Roots"
Weapon: Particle cannon
Ultimate skill: Dropping bombs
Roots throws a bomb in the target direction, inflicting damage and slowing down enemies in range, while enemy attacks are disrupted.
Braveheart: Tiki
Living in the city of Rothstein, Tiki has a kind heart. She loves adventure and goes for it, and even the most treacherous of obstacles can't stop Tiki in her tracks. On her expedition, Tiki met Pardo, who was also exploring. Both mates who shared the same beliefs embarked on an adventure together.
Pet phrase:
"A kind person will always be favoured by the god of fortune."
"Even if the road ahead is difficult, I will not turn back."
"The arrow of frost never misses the target; would you like to see?"
"If you have a youthful heart, bravely go forth with me!"
"Come on! This girl is not to be trifled with."
"Fools, have you seen my arrows?"
"If you too aspire to peace, then let's be friends."
"Tiki Tiki, brave Tiki~"
"Ugly monster, disappear."
Weapon: Lunar bow
Ultimate skill: Frost arrow rain
Moves quickly in the direction of the target and fires five arrows, inflicting damage and slowing all enemies that hit.
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