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The Explorer - Pardo
Pardo, the sister of Boxing King Parker, and both two siblings grew up together. It was only when Parker violently seized the arena where they had fought together that the peace-loving Pardo parted ways with her evil, warlike brother. Since then, she has traveled across the continent of Versailles on her own. Pardo often said, "I will bring a belief in peace to every place I travel".
Pet phrase:
"Sometimes I’m just worried about the big guy that I have not seen for so long."
"It takes extraordinary courage to make a genius choice, and it seems that I am a genius."
"Those who truly love peace will do all they can to defend their homes."
"The silence of time and space frightens the enemy, and I can manipulate it!"
"Welcome to my domain."
"Hurry, the time is almost up."
"Give me the power of endless love."
"Absolute silence, peaceful constraint!"
Weapon: Staff of peace
Ultimate Skill: Field of silence
Pardo raises her staff and, after a short delay, summons a field in the target area, constraining the enemy within the field and inflicting a small amount of damage. During the constraint, the target enemies cannot use skills.
Avenger - Sam
As an avenger, Sam is a pirate from Azbanca. He kills mercilessly only to avenge the death of his wife, who was accidentally killed by the Navy back then. Although it had been long ago since he killed the murderer, his anger could never disappear. It was not until he met Sheila, the prophet, in the city of Rothstein, that Sheila saw in his eyes the resilience that emanated from the cold and unforgiving flame within him and told him, "He has lost himself in prejudice and hatred, and the Versailles Arena can reinvent him." Sam took Sheila's advice and became involved in the Versailles Arena, and over time killing and justice became Sam's code of conduct.
Pet phrase:
"Once the seeds of hatred are planted, death follows."
"The flames of revenge lashing through my body, and the reason I live is for revenge."
"Cold-blooded ruthlessness is the veil of disguise, and the scars on my face are the songs of the time."
"Try to escape from my clutches is sheer insanity!"
"Prepare to die! Clown, I will not spare you."
"Only killing can bring peace to my heart."
"You sinners, give her back to me!"
"I swear to spend my life for revenge."
"You all should repent to her."
Weapon: The Hawk-Hook
Ultimate skill: Ruthless Iron Hands
Sam shoots a hooked claw that hooks the enemy or terrain and pulls himself to the front of it. If it hits an enemy hero, it deals slight damage and stuns him.
Chief of Staff - Toby
As the Chief of Staff in Rothstein, he stands at the top of power. Toby has extraordinary powers, but this doesn't make him get lost. Love for his people has been in his blood, and his philosophy of governance is equality for all. Under his rule, the inhabitants of Rothstein live a comfortable life. Toby always wears a suit and a bow tie. So his people affectionately called him the Chief of Staff.
Pet phrase:
"To guard authority with wisdom, one must learn to use wise counsel."
"Governing this country well is the only way to witness brilliance and miracles."
"I never put the enemy in my sights because I have not met a real opponent so far."
"Those monsters are dumb and stupid, I'll teach them a hard lesson!"
"The Gentlemen's Party is about to begin, prepare to be amazed."
"The game, it can end now."
"It's my showtime."
"Too stupid, stay away from me."
"Only muscle with a simple mind, I don't understand how you've survived this long."
"Rude, please keep it classy."
Weapon: The Staff of Chikoku
Ultimate skill: Gentlemen's Party
It creates a circle around which you and your allies increase movement speed and armour and gives your allies a shield. If there are enemies in the circle, it inflicts continuous damage and stuns them for a short period of time.