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Heart of Steel - Vyse
A colonel in the army of the Missihill Empire, Vyse was Admiral Roth's most loyal subordinate, a man of great strength and integrity who fought in more than 20 battles and was awarded more than 20 Missihill Medals of Honour. He has a huge fan base in the land of Versailles, and his heart is made of metal, which is why he is called the Heart of Steel.
Pet phrase:
"A heart of steel can crush the enemy to pieces!"
"Vyse, strong as an ox, can savagely launch his enemies into the sky."
"Want a taste of this hammer? It'll smash you to a pulp."
"A loyal fighter will have the trust of his officers, and I am a loyal warrior."
"Do not stain the land of Versailles with your filthy blood!"
"Justice eventually triumphs over evil."
Weapon: The blood forged hammer
Ultimate skill: Savage charge
Fearless Charge - Vyse charges in a direction, stuns enemies it touches and inflicts massive damage to them.
Tyrant: Titan
Titan was a very brutal ruler of the Dresk Empire, where absolute force was worshipped. Although he was often at a disadvantage as a general in his wars with Missihill, he was not discouraged and finally seized the rule of Dresk with his absolute strength and his vast army.
Pet phrase:
"The world will tremble beneath my feet!"
"Want to see my fist? It will send you to hell."
"Learning the art of statecraft is a child’s trick; I need only my firm fist."
"The Titan's Shield will be your backing, and all will be shielded by me."
"Fight to your heart's content! If you want to rule the world, you must learn to use your fists."
"I, am the ruler."
"Submit to me, you have no choice."
"Success is no accident."
"Everyone has desires and I showed them. Is there anything wrong with that?"
Weapon: Sword of sanction
Ultimate skill - Sword of sanction
After locking onto an enemy, a huge golden sword will descend from the sky above the enemy, inflicts huge damage to enemies within, enemies at the edge of the area will be temporarily stunned, and enemies in the center of the area receive additional damage when attacked. When casting the skill, Titan is immune to crowd control and receives a speed boost for a short period of time.
Boxing King: Parker
Parker rules the criminal underworld of Dresk and came to prominence after the war with Missihill. He quickly rose to fame with his dominant boxing skills and unmatched physical resilience, beating up on all opponents in Dresk. After his rise to fame, he led a large number of followers and violently seized the arena where he had fought. From then on, he was officially at the top.
Pet phrase:
"If you want to make me submit, you have to conquer my soul!"
“Come on! Let's have a good fight and see who has the harder fists."
"A punch that can split the earth can easily destroy the enemy."
"Parker will be the champion of mankind, as the prophet foretold."
"Runaway, sweet little bastards, Parker will break all your legs."
"Behold, the rise of Parker, the boxing king."
"I've worked hard for everything I've got."
"I'll let the whole world know Parker!"
"Challenge me? You don't have a wish to live?"
"You see, I've fought for all of it!"
Weapon: Berserk Gloves
Ultimate skill: Avalanche Blow
Stone Breaker - Cast a whirlwind fist in the direction of the target, dealing massive damage. Enemies in its path are knocked back and those in the designated area are sent flying.
War Cyborg - Roth
Once an army general extraordinaire from Missihill, Roth fought in countless battles, large and small, and made a monumental contribution to the peace of the empire. Later, after being defeated by an assassin hired by the enemy during the war with Dresk, his subordinates rescued the dying Roth, bringing him back to Missihill and used the most advanced technology to transform him into a Cyborg. Since then, the War Cyborg was born, and his legend continues.
Pet phrase:
"Warriors! Come with me into battle!"
"Uh-huh! Monsters, they're practically bubbles in my eyes."
"Humans are too confident for their own good."
"I'll give you a little taste of the Wilde Bounce before the real storm comes."
"Glory belongs to the true warrior."
"I, Roth, am back."
"I will continue to write the legend."
Weapon: Red Blade Reaper, also known as the Photon Cannon
Ultimate skill:Berserk Assault Roth enters a rampant state, firing 3 waves of shells in a row, dealing massive damage to the enemy.
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