Design Concept

Versailles Heroes is a competitive MOBA game based on blockchain technology. the unique characteristics of Versailles Heroes and its art are reflected in the processing of game details, the modeling of the heroes, and the smooth matchmaking, combat, and gameplay. Versailles Heroes is a virtual world in the Metaverse where you can play games and interact with other players in its environment.
Another key feature is embedding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which give digital ownership of items and bbuildthe economic system, enabling users to trade in a digital environment. This brings users a new experience while obtaining valuable and unique collectibles, enabling players to accumulate valuable NFT assets and earn match rewards through their gameplay.
Versailles Heroes smart contract is built on the Ethereum Chain, recording data in the ERC-721 contract. Eventually, the game will achieve complete DAO community governance, fully open its source code and authorize the community to initiate proposals for voting. The DAO community can customize NFTs and game scenarios, etc. As the management development continues to improve, the community can gradually dominate DAO governance votes, and each DAO member has the potential to become a manager, enabling players to build and maintain the game on their own, creating a decentralized community-based autonomous experience.
Every aspect of Versailles Heroes is designed to make the player experience more enjoyable. In upgrading the program, various processes and settings will be continuously simplified to lower the threshold for playing, and changes will be made around the future trend of blockchain games, so that more players will join Versailles Heroes.