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Game Rankings

Versailles Heroes builds rich competitive scenarios. Usually, the ranking reflects the player's proficiency with the hero. To have a higher ranking, they have to win more, and there are unique winning mechanisms in different scenarios. The system will automatically settle for the player in each win/lose. However, only accumulated wins can earn trophies, and the number of trophies will determine the ranking. Ranking from highest to lowest (below):
Matchmaking Versailles Heroes adopts an ELO mechanism + AI players, matched for the following purposes: ● Protects novice players from encountering experienced players, albeit there are no novice players in the high ranking.
● AI players are embedded to improve the inclusiveness of the game and quickly complete each battle.
● The ELO balances rounds and the win rate of both sides to improve fairness.
● The system matches players with teammates of a similar level as much as possible, and an increased score will match with more powerful opponents.
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