Guide for new players
Versailles Heroes is a competitive MOBA game with a PVP and PVE matchmaking mechanism. In your first log in, tap on the tutorial and complete the exercises as instructed, in which you will control the target character and tap on the "attack button" to attack. Complete the new player tasks.
The steps are as follows:
Stage 1
Practice Grounds (Trial Grounds)
Train in the game in the man vs. bots mode. Click “PLAY” at the bottom right of the main screen and choose "Go to the newbie tutorial".
Stage 2
Learn about basic controls
When the game is loaded, you can control the steering circle to move and tap the attack button to release a normal attack.
Stage 3
Complete the skill release
Tap on the Hero Skill Bar shortcut on the bottom to release skills and destroy "experience chests" and defeat computer players.
Stage 4
See how to win
In each map, there are rules for winning the game, fulfill the assigned missions to win.