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Custom Wager Battle

To create a room in Versailles Heroes, you should set the rules before starting, set the number of players and wager amounts, etc. Other players can join in selectively. To join the room, you have to match the wager requirements or enter the room number to find it and join the match. This mode will be played on deathmatch maps, with the number of kills determining the winner.
Level requirement: None
Custom pledge: No less than 100 MOH
● All players in the room have to tap on "Ready" before starting.
● The room owner has the right to kick anyone out before starting and the kicked-out player will return the wagered tokens.
● Each match will consume MOH battle counts. You will be rewarded for your wins and NFTs.
● The same number of kills from each team will result in a draw and 20% of the total room pledges will be burned.