Game Security

Data Security
● Distributed Data Policy
Versailles Heroes is based on distributed architecture (shared-nothing architecture) that distributes data to different server nodes. When using data, scheduling is shared through multiple nodes, mainly including coordination nodes, SQL parsing and storage clusters, which act for the consistency of data transactions and ensure data security.
● Data Risk Monitoring
Data security monitoring assists the program in detecting security risks in the database. When interacting with blockchain smart contracts, the data management system goes through multiple security checks to ensure its accuracy and responds to data exceptions promptly and automatically troubleshoot exceptions.
● Data Asset Assurance
Data assets are the most demanding. We must define the objectives and process of access control in core data assets and set out security specifications for asset data. Also, we have to regularly check security risks during operation and maintenance, and we should automate tools to comprehensively analyse the risks in the database and assure defense against potential vulnerability risks.
● Security Penetration Testing
The security database will be subjected to strict penetration testing to reinforce any detected data items and to adopt simulated real attack invasions to check the security of the database and reflect the security status of the database. Based on the penetration test and database security inspection report, we will develop targeted security protection tools to reduce the risk of external attacks. Report on
Cloud Security
Defence Checklist
Bug Bounties Scope Any bugs found in Versailles Heroes will be rewarded and the security team will evaluate the risks and choose its bounty subject to its risk levels. Versailles Heroes welcomes technical experts to bid for the contract. In case of any discovery of broken security and irreversible funding risks, the team fund will initiate a governance vote. With 3% of the total supply of VRH set aside for rewards for this purpose, the pay-out is bound to be generous. How can the bounty be claimed? The bounty consists of two parts, for the finder and the modifier respectively, but of course, anyone can suggest a fix, and we will reward excellent suggestions as well.
To claim this amount, you must meet the following requirements:
● Create a work order request with a bug-bounty tag attached, this document will act for actual risk assessment.
● Copy the fields that are flagged as BUG and describe the issue in detail.
● Then we need to reconfirm the agreement on the bug-bounty. Qualification Criteria: 1. You are the first reporter 2. You must be able to verify the signature from the consent address 3. Ensure that the same person retrieves the issue and claims the payment.
● The team will process the work order as soon as they receive it and request your feedback. We will also send you a link to fill in the payment information, which will lead to a link to get your wallet address and pay you.
Rewarding Rules
Privacy Policy
● If you find a potential security issue, please notify us as soon as possible by filing a work order.
● Do not disclose anything to the public or third parties to provide a reasonable amount of time for the platform to resolve the issue. Contact us at: [email protected]