Mission and Vision

Original Goals
Versailles Heroes is a competitive PVP game under the GameFi and Metaverse sectors and is managed through DAO governance smart contracts. Its rules of trading and governance are embedded in the blockchain in order to achieve the ultimate public, impartial, and decentralized governance model. Versailles Heroes is dedicated to building a blockchain game that can truly be run by its own players.
Versailles Heroes strives to be a state-of-the-art platform in game planning, design, and production. It ensures an outstanding experience in terms of entertainment, enjoyment of the game, and employs rich tools for efficient player interaction and collaboration to accumulate strength for the Versailles Heroes ecosystem.
By using NFTs as in-game assets, we incentivise player engagement in gameplay and actively join in the design and iteration of the game under token incentives, as we understand that it is vital to have an ecosystem with co-construction and shared values.
In the popular metaverse, games are just the beginning. It is a dream of developers to create an intriguing game, and the Versailles Heroes team believes that the metaverse era has arrived. We think that starting with games will prompt people to enter the GameFi virtual universe, especially because due to limits in our physical world, the immersive experience of gaming is indispensable. As it is accessible in the meta-universe, Versailles Heroes is committed to presenting a virtual digital world parallel to the real world. Community Drive
The Versailles Heroes team is committed to building a world that satisfies human entertainment and spiritual growth. Players participate in various MOBA games to sharpen their minds, increase conflict-resolution, engagement, and teamwork while developing their leadership skills. It enables players to have fun and achieve accomplishments while also adding value to the game.
Versailles Heroes adopts a community-driven approach, starting with an exciting and engaging MOBA game. It combines blockchain technology with the gaming industry, which realizes NFT in-game assets and establishes a new economic model. Heroes and weapons are minted as NFTs and owned by users. In a scientific token incentive system, the community growth of Versailles Heroes is promoted, creating a metaverse world of entertainment for the future.
Versailles Heroes is governed by community players voting and will attract elites to form a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that will participate in community governance, manage public funds, initiate proposals, vote on proposals, etc. In its community-driven ecosystem, the efforts of all players in Versailles Heroes will be transformed into benefits, while the community players gain the value and earnings from the development.