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Crowd Control skills

Freezing Ball
Freezes enemies for a short time in a selected area (Common)
Swoop Smash
The hero moves forward to the target area, inflicting damage and stunning enemies within its range. (Rare)
Bubble Swamp
Turns the target area in front of you into a swampy area; enemies in that area receive damage and will be rooted. (Rare)
Super Magnets
Applies a gravitational effect to the target unit. Any super magnet applied to an enemy within a certain area pulls in their allies. (Rare)
Fatal Attacks
Short-term invisibility, attacks during the effect will make the hero visible again, with additional skill damage when sneaking up on enemies from behind. (Legendary)
Lava Zone
Forms a circular area within which the enemy's movement will be significantly slowed with continuous damage. (Rare)
Marine Vortex
Launches a water vortex that will continuously pull enemies into the center of the skill's target area, eventually dealing explosive damage (Legendary)
Robotic Arms
Hooks the enemy to deal damage and roots them temporarily. (Common)
Bullet Flush
Fires a volley of bullets in a wide cone-shaped range, dealing damage and stunning the enemy. (Regular)
Fires a tornado that knocks an enemy into the air and deals damage. (Legendary)