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Damage Skills

Missile Storm
Constantly launches missiles and deals damage each time it hits an enemy. (Rare)
Fire Magic
Shoots out a line of fire and sets enemies in its path on fire while dealing massive sustained damage. (Legendary)
Long-range Rockets
Fires a long-range rocket, dealing massive damage to enemies hit. (Common)
Ionic Beams
A laser beam penetrates and deals damage to all enemies in a line. (Rare)
Machine gun Fire
Continuously firing machine guns while dealing damage to all targets. (Common)
Final Execution
Dash towards the target and deal a percentage of true damage, and if the target health is less than 20%, the target will be executed. (Rare)
Lightning Attack
Summons lightning in the targeted area deals huge damage to enemies hit by it. (Legendary)
Ouija Shadow Kill Array
Three shadows appear and they attack the enemy at the same time. (Legendary)