Team Profile

About the founding team
Blockchain Technology Lab is behind the development of Versailles Heroes. It is a team of developers with extensive experience in gaming applications and the ability to expertly handle every technical challenge in the gaming space to deliver the best and highest quality results. The Versailles Heroes development team has collaboration worldwide in the AUS,US, UK, Canada, UAE, Europe and other locations, providing a complete technology incubation hub from design to deployment solutions. The Versailles Hero team has been well known for quality and reputation in the business of metaverse solutions. And it has gained extensive experience in AI/ML and AR/VR-enabled mobile applications to improve the applications accordingly. Teamwork
We are passionate about video games, with a desire for the Metaverse, combined with our experience in developing several quality and successful games aided by many experts on smart contracts, economic modeling and GameFi community leaders from Silicon Valley. We are actively learning and exploring the application and popularity of PvP gameplay in the GameFi and Metaverse sector, and Versailles Heroes will be our first PvP blockchain competitive game.
The team always believes that high-quality design, smooth gameplay, and scientific incentive mechanisms will effectively promote the popularity of PvP gameplay in the GameFi world. Benefiting from blockchains in digital assets, the team combines with ecological value sharing and DAO governance to fulfill players’ initial experience of the Metaverse world.
Metaverse Technology Lab Establishing a community as the main core to lead product development and code iteration, and a community-owned tech lab. This means that the community tech lab will lead any product direction and game development decisions, such as balancing, gameplay, economic models, etc. It is believed that this community-driven approach will make it easier to promote the overall development of Versailles Heroes. It also adheres to the goal of jointly promoting the development of the metaverse, establishing the decentralization of the metaverse and GameFi as the main core, and relying on the mechanism of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to implement community autonomy. Thus, the Versailles Heroes team insists that the game will eventually be fully community-governed. This will of course include taking on a large number of never-before-solved technical and collaborative challenges in community governance.
In the future, the metaverse has the potential to extend the real world, which will have a highly immersive experience and a rich user interface, and at the corporate level, the metaverse brings even more possibilities. Especially in a global epidemic of tensions, the Versailles Heroes team’s virtual office space in the metaverse makes it easier for all departments of the company to communicate smoothly and improve the overall operational efficiency of the teams. No matter where the team members are located, they can work in a centralized way through the metaverse, and meet the demand of all kinds of meetings. The Versailles Heroes founding team believes that more community-driven autonomous technology labs will be established in the metaverse in the future. The metaverse will enable community teams to communicate more practically and interactively, and this will be the main way of working for Versailles Heroes in the future.
Innovation In a decentralized world, the creation of a metaverse organization is also more in line with the idea of Blockchain decentralization. Versailles Heroes is committed to promoting the creation of labs in the metaverse, which will enable members' avatars to interact and socialize with users in the same metaverse environment as the technology matures in the future. This would be a fascinating and practical solution. And the team is releasing various technical team members' portraits in NFT so that more users will get to know the Versailles Heroes’ team in the metaverse world!