The Versailles Mystery Box

Origin of Mystery Box
It is said that the humans known as the Prophets searched for a rare magic stone known as MOH long ago. The invading monsters of Solaris dropped MOH when they had been killed, however, the ancestors of the humans who lived on Cybora did not know its purpose. So over time, the MOH was buried in the ground until the Prophet found it by chance and studied and understood its use. The Magic Box enables human beings’ special abilities, and depending on the qualification and potential of each individual, the abilities that the Box can activate will be different. The better the qualifications and the greater the potential, the more powerful the abilities can be developed by the Box. Of course, each person has different qualifications, so the results are different.
How to acquire it?
Versailles Heroes is an eSports game built on blockchain technology. You can team up with your friends in the game and make money with your NFTs. When whitelisted players join the Arena of Versailles for the first time, they will receive a free box in an event on the website. Heroes in the free box cannot be sold in the Market Place. For other rare heroes, you will have to unlock them in a paid box in the Market Place.
Versailles Heroes’blind boxes are available in the Market Place and the higher the grade of the blind box, the higher the chance of unlocking a rarer hero. Initially, blind boxes will be priced by USDT, subject to the Box level, and Versailles Heroes blind box pricing will be adjusted to suit the market.
Revenues from the sale and transaction fees will go into the treasury, which will cover various potential expenses of the game, community contributor rewards, staff costs, etc. As the game goes on, the treasury will be under joint management of the Foundation and the developers. Major revenue sources of Versailles Heroes:
● The sale of mystery boxes of Heroes and Weapons
● 4% charge for the marketplace transactions