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MOH is a ERC-20 token for Versailles Heroes, issued on the Ethereum chain. gMOH is generated in matchmaking and players can convert the gMOH currency into the blockchain asset MOH digital currency with a 1:1 gMOH to MOH conversion ratio. How to get MOH
● You may earn gMOH in your gameplay. And gMOH can be exchanged for MOH and kept in your wallet.
● Matchmaking: The rewards for each matchmaking game depend on the rarity and proficiency of your NFTs.
● Milestone: When your NFT proficiency reaches a milestone, you will be rewarded accordingly.
● Ranking Rewards: As players move up their proficiency rankings in the game, they will earn ranking rewards.
● Secondary market purchases: Users may exchange MOH for other digital currencies outside the game with any platform or individual. MOH Swap
● Players may have their first exchange of gMOH earned 10 days after logging into the game with 50 battles completed. After that, they may exchange every 48 hours. A minimum exchange amount of 500 MOH is required for each exchange in the marketplace wallet. Exchange Fee
● A 4% of fee will be charge for each exchange.
● The fee currency is subject to your used tokens Pre-mining by team (Purpose)
MOH is the main currency in the community of the game and will act as an incentive to its contributors.
It's mainly used for the following activities:
1. Whitelist events and token airdrops.
2. Sponsorship of events and activities of the community.
3. Authorize and govern game community and game operating studios.
4. The best players in the Versailles Heroes ranking list.
5. Media and online content creators contracted with the Versailles Heroes platform
MOH use scenarios
MOH can be used to increase the weight of community-governed VRH stake mining. Increasing your weight share in the guild by burning MOH multiplies veVRH, thus making personal staking more profitable.