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MOH release data

Currency Details:
Token: MOH
Total supply: NO MAX
Pre-mining: 60,000,000
Network: Ethereum
Blockchain Browser:
Contract Address:0xa59e341e8047498700eD244814b01b34547fb21B Audit report:
Release Information
Play to earn pool:25,000,000
Play to earn saving pool:25,000,000
Airdrops: 9,000,000
Bounty program:1,000,000
Token allocation is as follows:
Mint MOH
In order to deal with the inflation problem that may be caused by the production of unlimited game tokens, the NFT held by players will not be allowed to produce game token MOH in unlimited quantities. All game reward MOH come from the pre-minted game reward pool. When the game reward pool is depleted, the gMOH earned in the game will not be able to be exchanged for MOH. To balance game rewards and token profits, we have transferred the ownership and minter permission to the community. This means that the members of the VRH DAO will decide whether to mint more MOH for the game reward pool through DAO proposals and veVRH voting. The pre-minted MOH amount is sixty million. One million MOH is airdropped for community incentive activities. Nine million MOH is used for the pre-sale mystery box airdrop. The remaining 50 million pre-minted MOH goes into the game reward pool on the P2E side of the game. When the game reward pool is reduced by 50%, the 25 million MOH minting proposal will be triggered. To encourage all veVRH holders to vote, 5% of the newly minted MOH will be distributed to the supporters if the proposal is passed. If the proposal is rejected, Versailles Heroes will cease all mystery box sales and initiate a MOH buyback to maintain the game reward exchange.
MOH Ownership DAO Proposal
To pass a minting proposal triggered by the MOH ownership requires at least 20% of the network’s veVRH to vote with at least 51% approval rate. If the proposal is passed, supporters during the voting process will receive 5% of the newly minted MOH, which will be distributed according to their respective voting weights.
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