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Project Introduction VRH is a DAO-governed voting mining project released on the Ethereum to incentivize VRH staking and MOH token burning. VRH is the governance token in the DAO protocol, where investors can obtain voting rights with veVRH by staking, with staking periods of one year, two years, and four years, respectively. veVRH acquired from staking can be arbitrarily voted to a certain mining pool guild and used in their internal competition and can increase the weight of individuals in that specific guild up to 2.5 times. The increased weight in guilds requires MOH burning for acceleration. It enables DAO governance mining in the economic model of dual tokens (see economic model document for details).
● Governance Voting Rights
VRH works for the facilitation of smart contract transactions. Any proposal initiated by members shall be voted in the DAO community autonomously, and investors can stake VRH staking over different periods. veVRH from staking determines the governed weight of the network, and every decision of the DAO community is performed with voting rights.
● Mining Power
VRH is staked for veVRH. Voting in the mining pool shall unlock more VRH tokens in accordance with the current weight, which is known as DAO-governed mining. The VRH held by investors is also equivalent to the virtual mining power.
● NFT Upgrades
VRH enables all NFT upgrades in the gaming platform, and VRH also plays a vital role in the ecosystem.