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Versailles Continent

The Empire of Missihill - the most prosperous place on the continent of Versailles The most prosperous nation in Versailles is home to some of the most advanced technology in Versailles and is advanced in the manufacturing of sophisticated weaponry, providing the technology that has made the Empire so powerful. Missihill has also been able to combine man and machine, transforming the human body and developing Mech suits for combat, greatly enhancing the fighting abilities of the Missihill people. The people of Missihill believed that technology could change the world, and they were brave and heroic individuals who were naturally at odds with the magic loving people from Dresk.
Dresk - a military empire where magic prevailed
An expansionist empire of absolute force, it was one of the empires with the most MOH resources in the early days, and as a result, it produced many heroes who were skilled in magic and many mysterious and powerful mages. They played an important role in all the Great Wars. Dresk continued to develop its ancient magic and explore the deepest mysteries of magic, and a number of new mages, represented by the Rune Mage Kemi, were emerging and coming into their own. The Dresk people had a strong faith in their magic, and they wanted to use it to achieve the ultimate glory.
The city of Rothstein - home of the Versailles arena
This was the place where heroes were born, known as the City of Glory. The "Gate" that connects Solaris to Cybora is here, where the continent of Versailles is located, and it has been the scene of many wars throughout its history. Whenever the time comes, the Gate would open followed by a new wave of invasions and defends. Its special characteristics have made it a thriving arena for heroic battles: the Versailles Arena, a unique and most exciting place on this continent.
Azbanca - A dangerous place where pirates gather
It was an island on the eastern coast of Versailles, a grey area beyond the jurisdiction of the two empires of Misshill and Dresk, a haven for outlaws and a place where pirates gather where justice is a joke. However, it is not entirely a dark place of moral decay and inhumanity, but rather a place for people with a tragic fate and no way out, each with a heavy story, and some righteous heroes who want to tear through the darkness and reclaim the light.
The North Thousand Island – home to a prestigious ancient heritage The most mysterious place on Versailles, where 80 percent of the assassins came from the Island and were scattered across the continent and could give their lives to complete their tasks while upholding their spiritual beliefs of righteousness, benevolence, ritual and sincerity. The North Thousand Island seemed to be isolated, but it had an intelligent power that would amaze both empires, and what made the two empires even more fearful was the heritage of the Island. The sects of the latter had been passed down from generation to generation. The small, unassuming sects in the North Thousand Island also had a deep heritage, as they possessed some mysterious fighting techniques that, when unleashed, would explode with power.