Whitelist Event

How to get on the Versailles Heroes whitelist
Read the disclaimer and whitelist rules carefully.
Complete simple tasks as follows:
Join Versailles Heroes Official Telegram group:https://t.me/VRHannouncement
Join Versailles Heroes Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/versaillesheroes
Follow Versailles Heroes on Twitter, retweet the pinned post
Create your account with your email address on the official website and connect your wallet.
Receive the whitelist event code with your registered email and submit it through the whitelist event portal.
Whitelist members will get exclusive benefits as follows:
An event NFT hero box.
From which you can get an event NFT hero from 3 of the free heroes offered when you join the game. Note that event NFT heroes have limited battle counts and are tradable on Marketplace.
NFT Mystery box pre-sale access and MOH airdrop
Whitelist members are able to participate in Versailles Heroes Mystery Box pre-sale. When you open your box, you will get 30% of your hero’s max MOH rewards airdropped to your wallet.
Please note that the NFT hero must be in your possession during the airdrop. If you have traded the NFT and it belongs to a different wallet address, the MOH will be airdropped to the wallet address of the person who owns the NFT.
Beta testing access
Whitelist members are all invited to the Versailles Heroes beta testing. When beta testing starts, the invitation code and download link will be sent to your registered email address. Please check all your email folders if you do not see them in your inbox.
Buy Mystery Box - Airdrop Instructions
The MOH token airdrop depends on NFT matchmaking rewards. If a player opens the first round of the mystery box and obtains a Common NFT hero, the airdrop will be calculated based on the output of this hero's total battle counts. For example, if it can produce a maximum of 660 MOH, the airdrop amount is 30% of its maximum output, or 198 MOH. (Refer to the chart below for details)